Talking Knots

"We are pessimists as far as serfdom, capitalism and petty, production are concerned, but we are ardent optimists in what concerns the working-class movement and its aims. We are already laying the foundation of a new edifice and our children will complete its construction."

[A]s writing, communication, if we retain that word, is not the means of transference of meaning, the exchange of intentions and meanings [vouloir-dire], discourse and the ‘communication of consciousness.’ We are witnessing not an end of writing that would restore, in accordance with McLuhan’s ideological representation, a transparency or an immediacy to social relations; but rather the increasingly powerful historical expansion of a general writing, of which the system of speech, consciousness, meaning, presence, truth, etc., would be only an effect, and should be analyzed as such. It is the exposure of this effect that I have elsewhere called logocentrism.

—Jacques Derrida, “Signature Event Context” (via hookedonsemiotics)

(via deactiavtedhookedonsemiotics)